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Selina Uglow

Paragraph about Selina -- who she is - why she does what she does. Why she is so awesome - and loving - and helpful!! Maybe a testimonial here?


What People Are Saying


Working with Selina Uglow and chef William Jr. Kuntz has made a major difference in my life…in the two short months working with them I have lost 25lbs and gained strength I haven’t had in so very long…when I left my job to start this journey I could barely walk because my knee was so bad…we got that taken care of and I had a short time with my hip not working with me….this journey so far has been a roller coaster of joy, pain, learning, and strength…through it has been Selina’s positivity that’s just plain contagious…she has been an instrumental part of this journey for me! I can’t wait for what life holds for me…and let me tell you if your struggling with being tired of yo-yo diets and and just feeling like your not living the Real Wellness Programs works it’s not a fad it’s just simply making small changes in your life to make it healthier!
The first time that I worked out with Selina was my first work out, ever.  She encouraged me to keep powering through.  She modified some of the exercises that I wasn’t quite ready to handle yet.  She wouldn’t let me give up even when I wanted to.  Since I have started working with Selina I have lost 11+ inches, learned what foods to eat and how to cook them, and how to live and keep a positive life.  I never imagined that I would be where I am today.  I have gained so much more than knowledge.
— Jodi


Pam came to The WAY to Healthy Living with a concern of having to add another blood pressure medication to her regimen.  Not only did her participation in Total Body Fitness reduce her medication, it also reduced her waist size AND her reactivity to stressors in life!  Today she maintains her success and continues to maintain good results at her regular physical exams with just 1/2 of 1 pill.  A GREAT outcome for sustained health and vitality!




Business brings people together and God makes us friends.
— Selina Uglow



Meet Lori Phillips, wife of Brian Phillips who assisted in the very first head shot that I ever had done professionally with Photographer, Jeremy Jeziorski.  Funny is it that an interaction Brian helped me through would then lead to amazing transformation from a painful and sedentary life to accomplishment!

I met Selina one year ago.  I was depressed and very sedentary due to ankle pain from a fusion.  She has helped me with a more positive attitude, and I’ve lost 13lbs so far. She has helped me to accomplish things I never thought possible like completing The Color Run.  I am going to finish this journey with her help along The WAY!
— Lori Phillips


Along the way, I have met many wonderful people who just needed a small change in perspective to gain big steps towards their goals.  If I can share any bit of advice for someone who comes to this page to explore what others have found along The WAY, is this:

In order to have SUCCESS, to SUSTAIN it and to CELEBRATE it, another’s journey doesn’t really matter.  It is inspirational, yes, which is why I share the voices.  But in order to get where you want to go, it is important to recognize where you are, what you are willing to do and the best journey for YOU.

So read on and be INSPIRED.  Recognize that YOU TOO have the power to become all that you want to become, it begins with the decision to BEGIN.

Sometimes it is about bringing in like minded resources to support individuals in their health journey.  R.E.A.L. Wellness is a program offered to individuals who have some time to dedicate to themselves and discover a journey that will bring lasting change.  Brigitte speaks to her experience in the program.

Time and again, it is great to hear stories of inspiration and change along The WAY.  Whether you are connected via social media or I have had the pleasure to meet you, I hope that you are finding your own way with the realization that it took some time to get to the point of needing change.  So patience, consistency, removing judgement and finding what works are all of the things that will help you find your W.A.Y.!

W.A.Y., by the way means WELLNESS AND YOU.  If it isn’t about you, then it doesn’t support you and it won’t sustain you.