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Applicability and Investment in YOUR DESIRED OUTCOME is the key to a dynamic program and working with professionals that have the knowledge to put it together is what sets us apart.

Valuable overall to our workplace. Provides “ah-ha” moment after “ah-ha” moment. Selina shares the topics in a way that makes it easy to implement.
Selina at WJET-Fox News 24

Selina at WJET-Fox News 24

  • Are you looking to make an impact on your team?
  • Is the need for embracing and creating positive change a desire?
  • Is health management costing you or your company too much?

Maybe it's time for a better WAY to approach it.

With over 28 years of leadership development, management and human relations experience, Wellness Coach Selina Uglow has taken that experience and combined it with her skills as a Health Professional to develop workshops focused on Communication, Time, Stress and Health Management to offer relevancy and encourage accountability in these areas.  Participants don't just get an education, they leave with something that they can do to improve the outcome.


How do you get started?

Schedule a meeting today with Selina to discuss objectives, obstacles and outcomes in order to appreciate the possibilities that a program might offer you.

Here's is just a small sample of the simple topics we offer to share the Bread N' Butter of Wellness for inspiration and better health!


Renewing The Spirit Of Wellness

Developed by Selina Uglow, LPN, CPT addresses the basics or what is referred to as the “Bread N’ Butter” of Wellness.  This presentation discusses the five factors that contribute to our overall wellbeing and provides simple solutions for successful modifications that can be made in order to improve your overall health; mind, body and spirit.  From being motivated, to incorporating movement and covering the mental aspect of our daily lives, there are simple things that can help you find The W.A.Y. to a healthier you.

Developed by Elizabeth Darling, DPT, OCS, CLT, ATC teaches various techniques in modification, injury prevention and ability to incorporate exercise into our daily lives for maximal benefit and fitness.  This particular presentation has been modified for any group and ability, including employer safety programs for good back, wrist and overall hydration health.

Overcoming Barriers to Exercise

STRESS, Stop Letting It Get The Best Of You

Developed by Selina Uglow, LPN, CPT.  Stress in short duration can be healthy.  However, chronic life stress has been proven to be the basis of many of the disease models today.  Selina provides a better understanding of the physical and mental impacts of Life Stress while providing tools and tips for gaining better emotional intelligence and self management in your personal and professional life.

Learning To Say NO Without Guilt

Developed by Selina Uglow, LPN, CPT.  Many of life’s greatest challenges, such as relationships or parenting are mastered through the transformation and growth process that teach us how to manage these things.  Learning to say no is very much the same.  It is a process, when followed, that can reduce the guilt that one feels when confronted with a request they are unable to accommodate.  Selina teaches this process, as well as provides tips and communication approaches to ease your ability to say no.

Getting Back To The Basics of Cooking

Chef Billy, ShopChopCook helps declutter your approach to cooking with education in choices and techniques for cooking that adds flavor, satisfaction and more important a very simple tool for returning to good health.

How To Get Health From Your Kitchen

A joint presentation delivered by the R.E.A.L. Wellness Coordinators, Chef Billy and Selina Uglow, on how manageable it is to get back to cooking for yourself and your family.  The presentation teaches kitchen efficiencies, cross utilization of ingredients and incorporation of vegetables to satisfy every palate. This presentation is a simple approach to enjoying the healthy creations of your kitchen.


With over five years of experience in creating collaborative partnerships to offer dynamic presentations, this is just a small sample of what is possible!  Contact us to learn more about how we can customize your program or workshop today.

Individualization, applicability & motivation are the keys to engagement and ultimately success.
— Selina Uglow