Personalized Fitness & Classes

The WAY to Healthy Living offers a personalized fitness approach for the individual either separately or in a group setting, motivating and helping you reach your goals regardless of ability.


Does the thought of exercise make you cringe?

Are you looking for something different but effective?

Are you interested in a fun, welcoming and engaging and supportive environment to get healthy in?



If you answered YES to any of the questions above, today is the day to try a better WAY!  The total body fitness approach developed by NASM Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist Selina Uglow is a proven approach with a "get it in" philosophy to help you reach your goals.

Individualized Fitness within a group setting offers you the opportunity to meet and gain support from others in their health journey while getting your very own work out in a group setting.  These classes are built with modifications in mind. Attend a Complimentary Class today and experience it for yourself.


Are you independent and just need better direction?  

Is time a factor for fitting in exercise?

Do you want maximum results with minimal investment?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, Selina can offer you an Independent Program with your choice in support from 1-1 training to written or video instruction to help you gain strength & results in a busy life.  To get started, schedule your consultation.


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We offer Personalized Fitness in two locations with multiple levels and modifications of ability - so no excuses!

Join us and get YOUR workout today!


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No Excuses – No Judgement – Just Fun Fitness!

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